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3 ¼ inch bandpot
1 gallon container
Online Plant Source
Sizes Available:

3 ¼ inch bandpot:  This size holds a plant that will be between 6 inches and 24 inches in height depending on the plant (dwarf plants will be shorter/plants on a standard will be at average 24inches).  The more critical factor is the caliper of the stem which will average ¼ to 3/8 inch depending on the plant (Pines, Sequoia, and Larch generally have heavier caliper than Cedar, Falsecypress, or Maples).  Currently we carry all conifers and maples in a bandpot and add more every year.  Here are some photos of a 3 ¼ inch bandpot plant:

1 gallon container:  This size holds a plant that will be between 8 inches and 24 inches in height depending on the plant (limited plants are available at this size currently).  The caliper of the stem will average 3/8 inch and above.  Currently we carry maples in 1 gallon container and will be adding conifers soon.  Here are some photos of a 1 gallon container:


3 ¼ inch bandpot:  9.99
1 gallon container: 19.99

*for specials deals on high inventory items go to ‘specials’ page. 
*local customers in Oregon within 20 miles of nursery will receive discount pricing and can visit the nursery to purchase plants or get plants delivered at no charge.  Just call 503-432-7905 and ask for Nathan to stop by or buy plants.


All plants are grown by myself and the team at Bernert Nursery in Aurora, Oregon and we pay close attention to detail.  We know plants.  I have worked with plants for 20 years and my passion only grows.  That passion will be reflected in the quality of plants purchased through ‘Beautifolia’.  All plants my may returned within one week of delivery for a full refund.  Please refer the the guest book to read or leave comments on this site and Its service or the plants you have purchased.